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New content
I've gotten the basic layouts in now. I also got the donate page working, And I'm currently working on the submit page. The submit page is going to totally new. It'll be for those of you who make your own layouts and would like to display them but don't own a site, Full credit and links will be given to the submitter.

Also we have a site chat! If you'll notice right under the big orange bubble buttons, You'll see little links, Click the site chat to check it out. However it's on Pokemon Black Onyx's chat right now until I have a little extra time to set up a new separate chat for the site. Enjoy everyone :).

We'll also have some forums for PyRo's productions. So keep checking back for updates :).
Posted on 08 Apr 2008 by PyRo
New Layout
Well here it is everyone! The new look of PyRo's Productions! It's still under construction and will hopefully be up and 100% functional within the next few months! Keep checking for updates and news!
Posted on 07 Apr 2008 by PyRo
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